Movie buffs should find the festivals a great place to learn more about the working of cinema and the art within every frame of the final product on screen. The works of the maestros in the entertainment industry are awaited every new decade, putting the viewers in a trance to seek more similar content. It isn’t just the action-packed and comedy movies that fare well; documentaries and content-driven films have a special place in the hearts of viewers. This love for such content can, however, only be capitalized through the film festivals held all across the globe. International and regional cinema is brought to a wider audience through such events. The artistic masterpieces then take a higher spot in the list of the best movies of that year.

About the Brazilian Film Festival of Paris

Brazilian films have always been idolized by cinema aspirants, mostly for the local essence they bring to the huge screens. The life of the natives is often left undiscussed for several reasons, but the movies produced over the past two decades have successfully advocated multiple ideologies. Film festivals are hosted in different parts of the world to popularize many regional productions. Brazilian films are introduced to the Paris audience at the film festival held at some of the best cinema halls in the country. Let us take a closer look at the Brazilian Film Festival of Paris to plan your visit to the next season right.

The Fiction and Documentaries
Brazilian cinema is often left unexplored for the pure art it creates through the multiple vessels- the artists. The national theme of this festival has some interesting entries to leave the audiences awe-struck. It is not every year that you get to see Brazilian films at such a festival. Of the very few film festivals held for Brazilian cinema, the one in Paris has become a popular edition, which has had more than ten events over the last few decades. The last festival edition with Brazilian cinema was held in 2009 at the L’Arlequin Cinema and Le Latina Cinema. An organization named Association Raft headed this festival, and it was Katia Adler who organized it. She was the director of the 2009 festival, and it indeed turns out to be the most popular edition held in Paris.

New editions have been launched since 2010, but not many have soared as high as the 2009 edition. With the pandemic making a massive blow on the lives of common people across the globe, film festivals have been canceled. It remains uncertain if the events would be revamped for more editions in the future since the second and third waves of the virus are on their way. People are badly affected by the pandemic, and the deprivation of good artistic content surely deters them from exploring more of world cinema. Although many digital platforms are working their way through this crisis, the festival experience is unparalleled.