We have come a long way from the day and age where only Hollywood could afford a budget for the grand action set pieces. Cinema is now a medium that can talk volumes through its detailing to every character on screen. People are finding ways to connect with the stories from other parts of the world as well in an attempt to accommodate the diversity in the storytelling methods. Social issues and political manifestations in cinema are often considered tropes to attract more viewers. But the movies are indeed more than the entertainment value they hold. Brazilian cinema has become a part of the big picture for a few decades now, especially in the 2000s.

The number of viewers for Brazilian movies has increased significantly over the years. It can be attributed to the social relevance of the issues being discussed and the urge to learn Portuguese. Brazilian Film Festivals are held in several countries to premier their productions in that particular continent. Let us look at a few Brazilian movies you can watch now that have featured in the Festivals.

3 Brazilian Movies to Watch Now

1. Bacarau

The hunt is on at Bacarau, but the question of whether you must fight or not still exists. When the matriarch of the village dies, the peace and order of the region fade out. Bacarau is a fictional thriller set in the titular place, and it revolves around the protagonist who drives along a dirt road. The desert in Northeastern Brazil witnesses the passing away of the character as soon as the first sign of the hunters is clearly visible. Just when the massacre hits the village, the hunt is on, and the social issues come into place. The anarchy this Brazilian movie brings onto the screen is worth watching for more than the violence in it. Bacarau was a main entry at the 2019 Brazilian Film Festival.

2. Marighella

Another 2019 movie to have received great acclamations at the Brazilian Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival, Marighella is a different manhunt in which the DOPS is against the enemies of the State. It is about the man of the titular name who brazenly opposed the military coup in 1964. He went on to become the figurehead for Brazilian guerilla fighters. The movie, directed by the popular actor Wagner Moura, starts off with the demise of each of Marighella’s companions. Violence is explicit in the film, and it further openly displays the justice the guerillas deserved.

3. Aquarius

This 2016 movie revolves around Clara, who lives in Recife on the ground floor of an apartment block. Clara is 65, and she is a retired musician with a property by the beach. Since she is the last resident on the premises, the struggle to stay alive while the developers evict everyone is real and raw. Aquarius is worth watching for the fights the two characters bring to the screen.