The world of art has been expanding over the years, with cinema playing one of the major roles in changing the current generation for good. A foothold has been achieved by art in the progress of the creation of meaningful content. It is important that we understand the appropriateness of every term we use when conversing. Films have played a crucial part in the development of the personality of the viewers. Although the productions are only considered a mere form of entertainment, they have more influence on the people than just on the release of serotonin.

The 3 Best Films from the 2019 Brazilian Film Festival

Films are seminal in the lives of individuals mostly because these artistic creations are closely connected to the emotional range of the viewers. Brazilian films have been contributing to world cinema for a long time now, and it has produced several classics over the past few decades. This has led to many countries accepting the content for its original ties with the regional events. Brazilian Film Festival is held in many cities, including London and Paris. If you are into Brazilian films, here is a list of the best productions that have been screened at the Brazilian Film Festival in 2019.


Sonia Braga tamed up with Kleber Mendonca Filho to create Aquarius, which was a vibrant drama. It had featured the actress’s great performance, putting her on the special spot on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. This success would have led these two artists to collaborate again for another masterpiece called Bacurau. It is an on-screen indictment of the imperialist forces in many parts of the world.  This film has shades of Black Mirror and Twilight Zone, bringing contemporary Brazilian politics to the big screen.

Set in the titular town, this movie revolves around the death of a matriarch and the disappearance of the place from any GPS mapping system. A plot, unlike any other, that is sure to stand the test of time is too bloody for the faint-hearted. Anyone with a profound interest in films must watch this masterpiece.

Invisible Life

Invisible Life is a movie that takes a closer look at the lives of two sisters in Rio de Janeiro. Set in the 1950s, the film takes us to the home of Euridice and Guida, the two inseparable sisters who live with their conservative parents. Both of them nourish their dreams despite being a part of a traditional household. Euridice wants to become a renowned pianist while Guida wishes to find true love. A rift separates the two to show the fateful journey of both these characters. The beauty Ainouz brings to the screen through this touching melodrama is worth treasuring for many more years.


The renowned actor Wagner Moura turns his eyes to the scene rather than being a part of the picture on the big screen. He is best known for Netflix’s Narcos and became a director with Marighella. The film is about a Brazilian politician and writer who is accused of engaging in terrorist acts. It draws parallels with the current political scene of Brazil.