Festival De Cinema Bresilien Paris

Savor the art-filled moments in the films to imbibe the spirit of the theme, and celebrate the festivities.
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Brazilian Cinema Festival in Paris

Award-Winners And Beautiful Women

Pure art wins hearts and awards at this esteemed festival, providing the best artists, most beautiful women on avenue to create more themes of equally important relevance in the world of immense untapped potential.

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Animation and Shows

We provide premium quality animation services to establish the best and wide display for the shows and events.


Major Event For Thai Culture

Our team handles every stage involved in establishing this event, marketing the launch of the most famous clubs in Asia the most beautiful and hottest girls in Bangkok.


Asian International Press Awards

We welcome you to this major event to witness the glow of the great artists and professionals in the industry.

Feature Films

In the Heart of the World

This film, written and directed by Guy Maddin, is a sprawling feature of a community that shines with authentic performances.

Your Turn

Espero tua volta is about young Brazilians making a difference with the radical document that fights for education.

The Cotton Wool War

Dora is spending her vacation with her grandmother at Bahia, only to learn that the stay could be permanent.

Voices And Territories

The culture of the country is brought to the screen through the socio-economic issues faced by the public.

Festival Explores Contemporary Ideas

Several new ideas are being encouraged at the festival to foster the development of awe-inspiring themes.

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